About Us



What's a Rivka?

 I'm a Rivka! It's my name, uniquely enough- and all of our jams are homemade by me. I began canning by accident, with a need to make a large amount of holiday gifts, a lack of time, and a set budget. After several holiday seasons of people requesting jams not only for themselves, but to give as gifts as well, I decided to sit down and really consider what having a jam and jelly business would mean to me.

And with that Home Made by Rivka was started. I set out with the intentions of making wholesome and simple food the old fashioned way, but with a modern twist. Preserves made the way your grandparents and their parents would have made them, but for a modern palate. 




What Makes Us Different?

 Our products are truly "Not Your Average Jams & Jellies", and that's ok! In fact, it's something I strive for. The way I make our jams and jellies is called "small batch canning", meaning I choose every bit of produce, chop every berry, ladle fill every jar, and twist every lid myself. My mother Pixie, helps me hand label every jar that we sell. My husband Ben, and Dad Stan, are by my side at every event to ensure you get the best purchasing experience possible. We're quite the family business.

But I don't believe personalization and value end there. Everything we sell is free of the 8 major food allergens, meaning it's safe for your family, and most of our products are vegan! Our flavors are unique, have only a handful of ingredients, and all of our ingredients can be pronounced. These products are never made in a factory, though we've turned our small scale production into quite an efficient assembly line. We have nothing to hide and I'm proud of these jams and jellies; that is why I'm so excited to share them with you. 

We're On A Mission!

I always strive to run this business with beliefs that matter to me; don't fix what isn't broken, keep food fun, local when possible, and getting my hands dirty is the best road to quality. That's why I work so hard to keep everything small batch made, value-minded, fun to eat, and community driven.

So who are we really? Home Made by Rivka is a licensed, small batch producer of homemade jams and jellies; proudly producing in Somersworth, New Hampshire. We have an emphasis on quality, flavor, and community.